Mobile Bead Store List

32558Folks, its finally time!   The popular Beading Nation bead store list is now available on your iPhone and Android phones.   Yes as was anticipated the complete list of over 6000 regional bead stores, wholesale stores, and designers is now available on the "Layar Reality Browser App" which is published for iPhone and Android phones alike.   Once you get into the free "Layar" browser, you simply search for Beading Nation layer and add it to your list of layars.   Once you do this you'll be able to find any bead shops, or jewelry related designers near you fast.   Looking to travel?   Bring along your Beading Nation layar and visit the stores along your trip.   To download the "Layar Reality Browser" simply go to the Android Market, iPhone Store, or click HERE to have a link sent to your phone directly.

Last Updated (Tuesday, 08 March 2011 17:35)

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