Saturday Night Chats

firesideIts Saturday night, outside its cold but you don't care because you're sitting by the cozy fireplace.   You've gotten everything you need to get finish, done.   Now its time to relax.   You go to the kitchen and brew up some of your favorite hot Cocoa, coffee blend, pour your favorite wine, or open an ice cold beer.   Everything is ready and its finally "ME" time.   You grab the computer, and log into "Beading Nation's" website.   

As 9pm approaches, you click on "Member Chat" in the "Community" menu, and you prepare for a wonderful night of sharing your ideas, thoughts and beading designs which you've come up with over the week with everyone else in the Beading Nation Community.     Join the Beading family and  plan to spend your Saturday evenings with us.    We'll be waiting for you.

Click HERE to join us in chat at 9 pm Eastern time (8pm Central, 6pm Pacific) on Saturdays.


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