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Personal Thanks

mypicAs the founder of 'Beading Nation' I would like to extend a personal thank you to those of you who have decided to join in on the early stages of this eZine site.   As it grows I hope you will become one of the key contributors.     For many years I've believed in the creation of such a site and am happy to see it come to fruition.

Please use this opportunity to leave your feedback as to what you would like to see different.   This is an open invitation to mold what this site will become.   I've always believed that the opinions of many can best shape a Community to its greatest potential.   I'm looking for input on:
  • The overall look of the site.
  • Additional features.
  • Annoyances you've found.
  • Any ideas you may have.
Thank you!

Last Updated (Tuesday, 14 December 2010 13:04)

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